Here’s how Anthony Stidolph concludes his review of the anthology for The Witness:

“Sickened by the horrifying statistics and grisly images of this second rhino war, Grahamstown poet Harry Owen decided to send out an appeal, inviting poets, both local and international, to submit work for publication in an anthology dedicated to helping save this flagship species.  The response was overwhelming, with poets from all over the world (including our own Pietermaritzburg-based Moira Lovell) eager to support efforts to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn.

The result is For Rhino in a Shrinking World, a handsomely produced compilation that includes the work of over 100 poets. With a foreword by well-known conservationists Dr Ian Player and Andrew Muir, and some beautiful line drawings by Eastern Cape artist Sally Scott, the book serves as a moving and heartfelt tribute to these often misunderstood and woefully mistreated creatures.”

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