The Mamba is the Journal of the Africa Haiku Network and a wonderful source of inspiration: for example, it’s where I found Ingrid Baluchi’s haiku that led me to work on The Silence of Elephants. This haiga started off in the same way. I wrote to Gregory Piko and he kindly gave me permission to use his haiku published in The Mamba 6 (Sept 2018). My intention was to use video clips in a similar style to The Silence of Elephants and so I played around with a sequence of clips I’d taken but I couldn’t get the result I wanted and so I shelved the project for a few months. One day recently I was working with some maps of Africa in the WordFoto app and it occurred to me that perhaps I could use its typographic style to produce a haiga. It took a while – and some correspondence with Greg – to arrive at this short video. It uses repetition of a single still image, with text and sound, and so is quite different stylistically from the other haiga I’ve made such as Three Classic Winter Haiku. Here’s the image the haiga uses. I’ve uploaded it into my Photo Blog where you can access a larger version or buy a download.

Rhinoceros: the haiga image
The Rhinos