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Stroop is perhaps the most important film you will ever watch.

Simon Espley, Africa Geographic CEO: “This film will change things. I have been involved as a sounding board to these two special humans from the early days, and seen them put their lives on hold during this incredible four-year journey of discovery and creation. This documentary is the most informative, most edgy, most evocative behind-the-scenes expose I have seen. Everyone who cares about the future of Africa’s wildlife needs to see this ground-breaking film.”

I am delighted to say that this magnificent, if necessarily harrowing, film will be shown in Grahamstown (at NELM) during the National Arts Festival this year.

The current issue of Plumwood Mountain has a fine review by Moira Sheppard of For Rhino in a Shrinking World .  She concludes:

“Harry Owen’s anthology of poems is more than a vigil; it is more than a protest; it is a loud and desperate plea for humankind to question their ideologies and actively help save these rhinos, nature and our future.”

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Poet Michelle McGrane’s has a telling selection of both poetry and prose from the anthology.

You also have to agree that her blog has a lovely header picture. Clicking it will take you there.

Peony Moon

Under the title ‘Boek is wêreldwye poging teen stropery‘ Wilna de Klerk gives this nice write-up in Die Burger.  The book was featured at the Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival held in Cradock over the holiday weekend recently.

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Harry, my copy has arrived safely and I feel overwhelmed by the amount of care and sheer hard work that you and others have put into bringing about this remarkable book – a task of rhinocerous proportions but done with a sensitivity and gravitas which reminded me of the animals themselves. Truly humbling.

Caroline Hawkridge, Northwich, UK

Appropriately subtitled ‘Poet spearheads literary drive to combat poaching’ this is David McGregor’s piece for the DispatchOnline about Harry and how the appeal came about.

He concludes ‘The 1 000 print run is selling like hot cakes for R195’ …. so get yours now!

Click on the picture of a smiling Harry for the article.

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Click on the image of Kim Goldberg’s Pig Squash Press to see how this well known poet, environmentalist and social commentator responded to receiving her copy of the anthology.

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Here’s how Anthony Stidolph concludes his review of the anthology for The Witness:

“Sickened by the horrifying statistics and grisly images of this second rhino war, Grahamstown poet Harry Owen decided to send out an appeal, inviting poets, both local and international, to submit work for publication in an anthology dedicated to helping save this flagship species.  The response was overwhelming, with poets from all over the world (including our own Pietermaritzburg-based Moira Lovell) eager to support efforts to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn.

The result is For Rhino in a Shrinking World, a handsomely produced compilation that includes the work of over 100 poets. With a foreword by well-known conservationists Dr Ian Player and Andrew Muir, and some beautiful line drawings by Eastern Cape artist Sally Scott, the book serves as a moving and heartfelt tribute to these often misunderstood and woefully mistreated creatures.”

Click the image below for the full article.

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Good reviews of the anthology are starting to appear.

Here’s how British poet Sheenagh Pugh sums up ” … a most handsome, well-produced volume … Anyone could enjoy this book for the poems and the illustrations, but you can also have the happy consciousness of helping to protect a harmless and remarkable beast … “.

She speaks of the poetry  ” Poems … catching the rhythms, momentum and soundtrack of a whole natural world … a tour-de-force of language, imagery, humour and empathy”.

Click on the image below for the full review.

Sheenagh's review