Poets Printery publisher, Dr Amitabh Mitra, and I held a long and amicable meeting together in East London today. I made plain to him my frustration, shared by many of you, I am sure, that the publication of For Rhino in a Shrinking World seems to have slowed down. It had been my hope to have the book available for purchase by Christmas but, if I’m honest, this was always going to be a tight fit.

Never mind – it will happen soon. I told Amitabh of my plans (already in motion) for a grand launch of the anthology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown – details of which will be posted here – and others elsewhere in South Africa: Cape Town and East London certainly, with others in the pipeline. And I would like to think that we may have others elsewhere in the world in due course – Any ideas?

He explained to me that the process of completing the finishing touches to what will be a very special book takes time and a delicate attention to detail by both designer and publisher. It then goes to the printer (in Durban) for final technical comment and the production of a galley, a ‘prototype’, that having been approved is then printed and produced. Once at this stage, the book can be available very quickly.

In short, he informed me (kindly but firmly!) that I have done my bit – now I must leave it in his hands. He assures me that it is being given priority, and I believe him. We should have the book available within about a month.

Please be assured that this special anthology will be ready – and available to the world – just as soon as we can make it so. In the meantime, I once more ask for your continued patience.

Thanks – and a Happy New Year to you all.