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Today is World Rhino Day and there have been hundreds of events across the globe to raise awareness of this magnificent animal’s plight. The large numbers of children and young people involved are a cause for celebration and optimism, for they are truly the future of our planet and a major reason for us to continue the fight to save our dwindling wilderness areas.

It would have been fitting if For Rhino in a Shrinking World had been ready for launch today but that was never a real possibility. It will, however, be launched before the end of the year – and perhaps we can hold a ‘World Rhino Anthology Day’ then.

What do you think? Any ideas? Let us know!

Work behind the scenes continues apace: Andrew Martin from NELM (National English Literary Museum) has volunteered his own personal time and expertise to organise the Contents, the Index and the lists of contributors, and editing continues in an effort to make this book something everyone will be proud of.

Happy Rhino Day to you all!