At the end of July I approached Harry at Reddits Poetry and asked him ‘do you want to put the rhino appeal out as a blog?’  When I followed it up with ‘and it won’t cost anything’ the answer was unequivocal, yes.

So we spent a couple of one hour sessions in early August putting this blog together and the result is what you see.

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I wanted to make it look ‘classic’ African so chose an iconic backdrop of acacias and grasslands.  The original is a sunset picture that I took in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. You can see it in the slideshow above with the rhino featured in the page header. It was quite tricky getting a rhino image of the right dimensions and with the right colours but we solved it by cropping the rhino I photographed at Tsolwana Nature Reserve, near Queenstown here in the Eastern Cape.